5 Things You Need For A Perfect Picnic Wedding

It may be August, but summer is still in full swing! Take advantage of warm evenings and beautiful sunsets with a picnic with your sweetheart- and all your friends and family! What better way to celebrate summer (and your love) than with a casual picnic reception?

5 Things You Need For A Perfect Picnic Wedding on earlyivy.com

Long gone are the days of cheap plastic picnic tables with ugly red and white checkered tablecloths. Bring in some wooden tables, lawn games, and friends ready to party old-school style, and you’ve got yourself the funnest wedding of the century. Here’s 5 things you need for your picnic wedding afterparty.

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An Unexpected Twist on a Rustic-Chic Ceremony

Feeling a little rustic-chic? Check out this beautiful ceremony from an outdoor Vermont wedding. The soft, romantic wild hydrangeas and leaves in combination with the elongated curve of the arch juxtaposes well against the surrounding pine trees. Though all of these elements help create a rustic outdoor ambiance on their own, the combination of the delicate feel of the arch and the sturdy trees enclosing the ceremony site provide an intriguing contrast that guests haven’t seen or considered before.

Rustic-Chic Wedding Arch- An Unexpected Twist on a Rustic-Chic Ceremony on Earlyivy.com

Almost everything at this ceremony is some element of nature, with the exception of the metal stands that hold flower arrangements at the beginning of the aisle. However, even the metal flower stands reflect a rustic feel. From the wooden chairs that line the back and front rows at the ceremony, to the wooden pews for other seating, to the arch’s framework and flowers, everything gives guests an experience that would typically be found in a lush garden, but instead located in an open space surrounded by woodland. Continue reading