5 Things You Need For A Perfect Picnic Wedding

It may be August, but summer is still in full swing! Take advantage of warm evenings and beautiful sunsets with a picnic with your sweetheart- and all your friends and family! What better way to celebrate summer (and your love) than with a casual picnic reception?

5 Things You Need For A Perfect Picnic Wedding on earlyivy.com

Long gone are the days of cheap plastic picnic tables with ugly red and white checkered tablecloths. Bring in some wooden tables, lawn games, and friends ready to party old-school style, and you’ve got yourself the funnest wedding of the century. Here’s 5 things you need for your picnic wedding afterparty.

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And Your Little Dog Too! Custom Pet Silhouette Topper for Your Wedding Cake

Calling all pet lovers! Are you wondering how to incorporate your four legged friends into your wedding? You could have them escort you down the aisle, or, if you’re lacking a pet sitter for the rest of your wedding, you could leave them at home and include them in another way.

WITH DOG Custom Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper with your dog or pet and  Personalized with your Silhouettes - Bride Groom Dog Cake Topper

This adorable cake topper is a custom silhouette of you and your new spouse with your favorite pet in tow. A sentimental cake topper like this would look elegant on a simple cake in a solid color. Buy this topper on Etsy here and customize it in your silhouette from a photo or compilation of photos that you send to the seller. You can also choose the color of the acrylic it’s made of to match your wedding colors.

Whether you’re having your pet in your wedding or leaving Fido at home, you’ll add a bit of your favorite fur-child to your cake – minus the hair and slobber!

Red, White, and Blue: a Fourth of July Themed Wedding

A red, white and blue wedding? It’s not for everybody, but for those who have a deeper love for America, a patriotic colored wedding might be perfect. Whether you or your spouse-to-be has served in the military or are having a military wedding, a Fourth of July wedding, or you’re just a fan of the red, white, and blue, here are a few ideas inspired by the colors of the American flag.

 Bride and Groom Kissing behind an American Flag- Red, White, and Blue: a Fourth of July Wedding on Earlyivy.com{Photo Credit: T3 Photography}

With the current trend of an old school and vintage-y feel wedding, a patriotic wedding can be executed with elegance, while still having that personal feel that most brides want. One neutral color paired with two bold colors can be easily overdone and can make decor look tacky and outdated. However, as the weddings below will show you, old school and outdated are very different things.

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Up, Up, and Away: Favorite Elements of a Hot Air Balloon Inspired Shoot

If I were to create my absolute dream wedding, it would probably have a whimsical theme that transports my guests to another world with wide open fields, vibrant colors, and a striking sunset getaway. Once I saw this to die for shoot from Nadya Kozlova of The Big Day Agency, I knew this is exactly what I’d create.

There’s just something about hot air balloons that is completely romantic. Pair that with soft pinks, gorgeous flowers, and ombre designs throughout the shoot, and this shoot is the physicalization of love.

Pink Ombre Flower Backdrop from Favorite shots from a Hot Air Balloon Inspired Styled Shoot- earlyivy.com

First of all, look how beautiful this pink ombre floral backdrop is! The flowers pick up the pink in the bride’s dress and amplify the greens in her bouquet.

Furniture Details from Favorite shots from a Hot Air Balloon Inspired Styled Shoot- earlyivy.com

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Love is Sweet, Enjoy a Treat…. Make a Rustic Dessert Table Complete!

Struggling to find props and dessert stands for your rustic themed dessert table? Look no further! Maybe I’m just in the mood to check out all the possibilities for dessert tables because I’m currently shopping for and designing one for my own event coming up soon, but I just love all the versatile ways sweets can be presented.


17 Rustic-Chic Wedding Dessert Tables on earlyivy.com

Your dessert table is one of those places at your wedding where brand-new store bought props, vintage items, and DIY projects can come together in one comprehensive look for your table. A rustic chic theme is probably one of the easiest themes to successfully execute for a dessert table. Not only are props readily available at any thrift store or vintage market, it’s a simple element to help theme your entire reception.

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In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots

If the typical engagement photo says a thousand words, how many more can you say with photos that express your love and personality?

When you incorporate something you love into your engagement photos, whether it be a sport, a talent, a favorite food, a spot you frequent as a couple, or a job you love, your photos will show your personality. Nothing will feel better than when your friends and family receive your engagement photos and can’t stop saying “They’re so you!”

Don’t be afraid to be unique! Think about what makes the two of you happiest (other than each other) and theme your engagement shoot off of that. Here’s a few examples of couples embracing and sharing their hobbies.

What happens when a die-hard motocross rider falls in love? An epic engagement picture like this one!

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An Unexpected Twist on a Rustic-Chic Ceremony

Feeling a little rustic-chic? Check out this beautiful ceremony from an outdoor Vermont wedding. The soft, romantic wild hydrangeas and leaves in combination with the elongated curve of the arch juxtaposes well against the surrounding pine trees. Though all of these elements help create a rustic outdoor ambiance on their own, the combination of the delicate feel of the arch and the sturdy trees enclosing the ceremony site provide an intriguing contrast that guests haven’t seen or considered before.

Rustic-Chic Wedding Arch- An Unexpected Twist on a Rustic-Chic Ceremony on Earlyivy.com

Almost everything at this ceremony is some element of nature, with the exception of the metal stands that hold flower arrangements at the beginning of the aisle. However, even the metal flower stands reflect a rustic feel. From the wooden chairs that line the back and front rows at the ceremony, to the wooden pews for other seating, to the arch’s framework and flowers, everything gives guests an experience that would typically be found in a lush garden, but instead located in an open space surrounded by woodland. Continue reading