5 Things You Need For A Perfect Picnic Wedding

It may be August, but summer is still in full swing! Take advantage of warm evenings and beautiful sunsets with a picnic with your sweetheart- and all your friends and family! What better way to celebrate summer (and your love) than with a casual picnic reception?

5 Things You Need For A Perfect Picnic Wedding on earlyivy.com

Long gone are the days of cheap plastic picnic tables with ugly red and white checkered tablecloths. Bring in some wooden tables, lawn games, and friends ready to party old-school style, and you’ve got yourself the funnest wedding of the century. Here’s 5 things you need for your picnic wedding afterparty.

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Love is Sweet, Enjoy a Treat…. Make a Rustic Dessert Table Complete!

Struggling to find props and dessert stands for your rustic themed dessert table? Look no further! Maybe I’m just in the mood to check out all the possibilities for dessert tables because I’m currently shopping for and designing one for my own event coming up soon, but I just love all the versatile ways sweets can be presented.


17 Rustic-Chic Wedding Dessert Tables on earlyivy.com

Your dessert table is one of those places at your wedding where brand-new store bought props, vintage items, and DIY projects can come together in one comprehensive look for your table. A rustic chic theme is probably one of the easiest themes to successfully execute for a dessert table. Not only are props readily available at any thrift store or vintage market, it’s a simple element to help theme your entire reception.

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Peaches and Creams and Golds, Oh My!

It’s not often that I come across a picture on Pinterest that makes me stop and simply say “WOW.” But with this one, I’m completely in love!

Peaches and Creams and Golds, Oh My! on Early Ivy [earlyivy.com]

This beautiful tablescape features soft colors of whites, peaches, and creams highlighted with accents of gold. With the set-up of the place settings, the feel is formal, but the colors keep it light and airy. You can be sure there will be joyous conversations going on around these tables!

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Stumped? Not With This Cake Stand!

Stumped on what to set the cake on for your wedding? Sure, you can have it just sitting on the table or get fancy with it on a glass cake pedestal, but for a rustic wedding, neither of those options fit the occasion well.

How about setting the cake on a tree stump? This is the perfect and adorable solution to elevate your cake and add a bit of rustic charm that any desert table needs.

Tree Stump Cake Plate on earlyivy.com

This tree stump cake stand has a heart carved out of the bark and the couple’s names and wedding date carved inside that. You could even make this yourself!┬áIf you look closely, you’ll see smaller matching stumps holding up other deserts and flowers. With fresh flowers decorating a simple white cake on a customized rustic cake stand like this one, this may just be the most photographed and Instagramed part of your wedding!

7 Tips for Your Vintage Wedding

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the top wedding trends of the year. This has been the year for many firsts- it’s been the year of the wedding hashtag, naked cakes, macaron favors, wooden crates, and birdcage decorations. But the most popular trend for the year has by far been the vintage theme. Here’s a few tips to help you have the perfect vintage wedding.

Start Planning Early-

I know this seems obvious. You probably started planning your wedding as soon as you got engaged (or since you were 8, like most girls), but vintage weddings take a little more preparation than most other weddings. You can take a vintage theme in a number of different directions. How much do you want to DIY? Do you want to rent or buy your own decor? Do you want actual vintage items or new items with a vintage flair?

7 Tips for Your Vintage Wedding on earlyivy.com

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