Red, White, and Blue: a Fourth of July Themed Wedding

A red, white and blue wedding? It’s not for everybody, but for those who have a deeper love for America, a patriotic colored wedding might be perfect. Whether you or your spouse-to-be has served in the military or are having a military wedding, a Fourth of July wedding, or you’re just a fan of the red, white, and blue, here are a few ideas inspired by the colors of the American flag.

 Bride and Groom Kissing behind an American Flag- Red, White, and Blue: a Fourth of July Wedding on{Photo Credit: T3 Photography}

With the current trend of an old school and vintage-y feel wedding, a patriotic wedding can be executed with elegance, while still having that personal feel that most brides want. One neutral color paired with two bold colors can be easily overdone and can make decor look tacky and outdated. However, as the weddings below will show you, old school and outdated are very different things.

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Love is Sweet, Enjoy a Treat…. Make a Rustic Dessert Table Complete!

Struggling to find props and dessert stands for your rustic themed dessert table? Look no further! Maybe I’m just in the mood to check out all the possibilities for dessert tables because I’m currently shopping for and designing one for my own event coming up soon, but I just love all the versatile ways sweets can be presented.


17 Rustic-Chic Wedding Dessert Tables on

Your dessert table is one of those places at your wedding where brand-new store bought props, vintage items, and DIY projects can come together in one comprehensive look for your table. A rustic chic theme is probably one of the easiest themes to successfully execute for a dessert table. Not only are props readily available at any thrift store or vintage market, it’s a simple element to help theme your entire reception.

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Stumped? Not With This Cake Stand!

Stumped on what to set the cake on for your wedding? Sure, you can have it just sitting on the table or get fancy with it on a glass cake pedestal, but for a rustic wedding, neither of those options fit the occasion well.

How about setting the cake on a tree stump? This is the perfect and adorable solution to elevate your cake and add a bit of rustic charm that any desert table needs.

Tree Stump Cake Plate on

This tree stump cake stand has a heart carved out of the bark and the couple’s names and wedding date carved inside that. You could even make this yourself! If you look closely, you’ll see smaller matching stumps holding up other deserts and flowers. With fresh flowers decorating a simple white cake on a customized rustic cake stand like this one, this may just be the most photographed and Instagramed part of your wedding!

7 Tips for Your Vintage Wedding

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the top wedding trends of the year. This has been the year for many firsts- it’s been the year of the wedding hashtag, naked cakes, macaron favors, wooden crates, and birdcage decorations. But the most popular trend for the year has by far been the vintage theme. Here’s a few tips to help you have the perfect vintage wedding.

Start Planning Early-

I know this seems obvious. You probably started planning your wedding as soon as you got engaged (or since you were 8, like most girls), but vintage weddings take a little more preparation than most other weddings. You can take a vintage theme in a number of different directions. How much do you want to DIY? Do you want to rent or buy your own decor? Do you want actual vintage items or new items with a vintage flair?

7 Tips for Your Vintage Wedding on

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Bubblegum Pop- 6 Gumball Machines to Decorate Your Wedding

Browsing your local antique and vintage stores is a great way to collect unique items for your wedding. Today, I went antiquing in Temecula and found two great gumball machines! With a little cleaning and a new paint job, they’ll look great as centerpieces or table decorations.

Gumball machines make great themed elements for a carnival or vintage wedding, or they could serve as a cute container for a candy bar. Whether you fill them with candy or other things, the possibilities for gumball machines are endless!

Gumball Machine Wedding Inspiration on

Photo credit: Stephanie Ascari of Cleverly Candid

Your carnival wedding will pop with a classic red gumball machine. Paired with popcorn, Jones sodas, cotton candy, and bags of peanuts, a vintage gumball machine creates a nostalgic theme for the day. See the rest of this DIY carnival wedding here.

Gumball Machine Wedding Inspiration on

Don’t forget that gumball machines can be painted in any color or design for your wedding. This gumball machine is the perfect example of a lovely Tiffany blue with white gumballs. You can also add your wedding logo or monogram by applying a vinyl sticker or etching it into the globe.

Gumball Machine Wedding Inspiration on

All that glitters is not gold- but this gumball machine certainly sparkles like the real thing! You can refurbish an old gumball machine with a can of metallic spray paint for a look that’s classy and not overdone. A word of caution, however: some spray paints are not food safe, so if you are going to put candy inside, you can seal the inside so no candy touches the paint or use food safe spray paint. See Just Destiny’s tutorial on this glittery gold gumball machine refurbishment.

Gumball Machine Wedding Inspiration on

Add some glam to your table with a lighter color gumball machine and some vintage jewelery. Some delicate lace, flowers, and a gumball machine filled with pearls and crystals make for a beautiful vintage tablescape.

Gumball Machine Wedding Inspiration on

And for a more eclectic wedding, add bits and baubles of your choice, such as this gumball machine filled with vintage dice and other gaming pieces.

Last but not least, incorporate a gumball machine into your candy table by painting it one of your wedding colors and filling it with candy of other colors. This pink and yellow candy bar features a yellow gumball machine filled with lemon drops and smarties, as well as strawberry lemonade themed deserts and candy in an apothecary jar.

 Gumball Machine Wedding Inspiration on

Photo Credit: Sarah Layne Photography 

See the rest of this Strawberry Lemonade Bohemian Wedding Shoot to get some sweet inspiration.

If you’re anything like me, the idea of using gumball machines in a wedding opens up a world of opportunities! Find an old (or new!) gumball machine at an antiques store and customize it so it’s perfect for your wedding. Give your machine new life with a paint job in any color of your choice and fill it with candy or whatever your heart desires- the possibilities are endless! Your guest will love this touch of nostalgia while they savor the treats inside.

TGIF! Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars

The weekend is upon us! What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a wedding? This weekend is jam-packed for me: I’m setting up a wedding at Retro Ranch and modeling at Premier Bridal Show’s Cerritos Convention this weekend. But before I go, I want to show you one of my favorite elements of a wedding- the bar!

Alcoholic Bars

Mimosa Bar- Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

Whether you’re having a few drinks before the wedding, a morning ceremony and reception, or a morning after brunch before the honeymoon, this mimosa bar is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Decorations are light and whimsical and set up couldn’t be easier! All you need is champagne, juices of your choice, fruit, and glasses. Let your guests DIY their favorite drink! Read more about this fun mimosa bar here.

Cocktail Bar-  Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

Here’s a lovely cocktail bar designed by Night Owl Productions. When you hire a bar tending service for your wedding, your bar will be constantly stocked, your guests will be quickly served, and your drinks will be mixed perfectly!

Beer Bar-  Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

Photo credit: Sweet Little Photographs

A self-serve beer bar might be the perfect bar if you’re going for the retro look- or even better if you brew your own beer! Reusable cups, or in this case, mason jars, provide a eco-friendly alternative to all those empty beer bottles. Refills, anyone?

Non-Alcoholic Bars

What fun is a non-alcoholic bar? Lots of fun! Bars aren’t just about drinks anymore!

Pick-Your-Potato Bar - Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

Here’s a new twist on a buffet line- a potato bar! A design-your-own potato with every way to serve a potato and with all the trimmings will satisfy any hungry guest. This bar includes potato skins, wedges, french fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and tater tots, and four kinds of sauces for drizzling and dipping, and toppings like chives and bacon. Read more about this Pick-Your-Potato Bar here.

S'mores Bar-  Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

Photo Credit: Les Amis Photo

This s’mores bar looks like so much fun! When the sun goes down, the fire comes out and guests get to create their favorite campfire treat. Set up and creation are simple and the results are delicious!

Candy Bar-  Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

On an equally sweet note, candy bars are not only enticing to eat, but also captivating to look at. You can easily find or order candy to coordinate with your wedding’s color scheme. Candy bars can be placed along with your cake (hint: you may not want to serve cake to your guests if you have a candy bar), combine it with a desert table, or arrange it on its own. To learn more, read The Knot’s guide to make your own candy bar.

And of course, I must add one last (alcoholic) bar that I helped set up with Night Owl Productions at Retro Ranch. I love the florals and the marquee sign!

Cheers Bar at Retro Ranch-  Unique Wedding Bars- Alcoholic, Appetizer, and Desert Bars on

So here’s to a great weekend! Cheers!

Let Them Eat (Non-Traditional) Cake!

What’s the sweetest part of a wedding? The cake of course! There are so many ways to personalize your wedding, and a unique cake showcasing your personal style is one of the best details. Some may think an inexpensive cake means little more than a sheet cake, but with some creativity and ingenuity, your wedding cake can be memorable without breaking the bank.

Here’s a few of my favorite unique twists on the traditional wedding cake:

Non-traditional Cake on

How about a huge cake shaped like a heart instead of a tiered cake? Not only does it make for great pictures, I bet their guests loved all those strawberries on top!

Non-traditional Cake on

I don’t know many wedding guests that wouldn’t love this cake! The top is a regular cake so the bride and groom can cut their cake, but the rest is made of doughnuts in the wedding colors. Nothing’s easier and more fun than self serve doughnuts! Photo Credit: Ashlyn Dawson Photography

Non-traditional Cake on

While we’re on the subject of breakfast foods as delicious deserts, here’s a cake made entirely of Rice Crispie treats! Its a little homage to the kid in all of us. And inexpensive too!

Non-traditional Cake on

Cake pops are super popular right now! You can find them everywhere from a gourmet cupcake shop to your local Starbucks. But there’s something special about wedding cake pops- they look really pretty grouped together (the more, the better!) and they’re self serve. So easy! Photo Credit: Ashleigh Jayne

What’s your favorite non-traditional cake ideas? Have you been to a wedding with a unique cake? Tell me about it in the comments!