So you’re reading a blog… about weddings! Lucky you!

If you’re anything like most people who read wedding blogs, you’re probably engaged and planing your wedding (congrats!), someone in the wedding industry, or a single girl like me and dreaming about that fairytale day.

Here’s a little about me:

Why write a wedding blog?

I’m in the early stages of creating my wedding coordinating and designing business Charming Churchill Creations. I’m currently working at an amazing venue called Retro Ranch in Temecula, California with the venue owners and with Katie Doyle of Doily Design Haus. Weddings are my passion and I can’t wait to share the love with you!

Why Early Ivy?

I’m not exactly a morning person so Early Ivy is sort of my inspiration. It’s always green, always climbing higher, always beautiful in the daylight or after dark. I want to be that Early Ivy, up and at ’em early in the morning.

Why do you love weddings? Why wedding coordination?

What’s not to love about weddings?! For the bride, it’s the best day of her life, the day she’s been dreaming of since she was little. For the guests, it’s a day when their friends or family become husband and wife. And for me, it’s a day to make dreams come true. You have an idea, we make it a reality! I’ve trained in cake decoration and floral design, but my favorite part is making everything run smoothly and look flawless!

What is your wedding company?

My wedding coordination company is Charming Churchill Creations. We are a full service event planning and styling company serving Temecula, Palm Springs, San Diego, Orange County, and all other areas of Southern California. Our passion is planning, designing, and executing seamless, beautiful, and stress free events personalized for the clients hosting them.  Whether your event is for five or five hundred, we’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

florals on earlyivy.wordpress.com


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