And the Bride Wore Plaid

Let’s all admit it, as a bride to be (or just a girl dreaming about her wedding day) we’ve all spent a fair amount of time in the wedding category on Pinterest. Your family and soon to be husband might event say its a little more than fair. Okay, maybe it’s an obsession. Oops!

My Pinterest perusing recently  led me to stumble upon the photo below. There was a split second of confusion and then a sudden AHA! I know that place! It’s the always lovely Retro Ranch in Temecula with last year’s winter bride Talia.

How cute is she with her plaid button up over the wedding dress? It had snowed the night before the wedding and her beanie and button up tied at the waist were the perfect accessories to warm up and dance all night!

See the rest of the photos and details from Talia and Bryan’s winter wedding on Green Wedding Shoes here.

Plaid Button-Up Over the Wedding Dress- And the Bride Wore Plaid on

A Winter Retro Ranch Wedding- And the Bride Wore Plaid on

 {Photos by: John Robert Woods}

And a quick shout out to all my lovely readers and followers from 2015! You all mean so much to me and keep me inspired to write more.

I’m very much looking forward to what 2016 brings for and I also will be launching my event planning business, Charming Churchill Creations. Stay tuned for updates!



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