Love is Sweet, Enjoy a Treat…. Make a Rustic Dessert Table Complete!

Struggling to find props and dessert stands for your rustic themed dessert table? Look no further! Maybe I’m just in the mood to check out all the possibilities for dessert tables because I’m currently shopping for and designing one for my own event coming up soon, but I just love all the versatile ways sweets can be presented.


17 Rustic-Chic Wedding Dessert Tables on

Your dessert table is one of those places at your wedding where brand-new store bought props, vintage items, and DIY projects can come together in one comprehensive look for your table. A rustic chic theme is probably one of the easiest themes to successfully execute for a dessert table. Not only are props readily available at any thrift store or vintage market, it’s a simple element to help theme your entire reception.

The Table

For starters, begin with a great base. Whether you want to use a table cover depends on what kind of table you’re going to use. Rustic Dessert Table by Jenny Cookies- Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies uses a vintage white sideboard table for her ‘Love is Sweet’ wedding dessert table in her book Eat More Dessert. (For anyone baking their own desserts for the table, I highly recommend this fabulous recipe and design guide. Her recipes are, as she says, “fail proof!”)  You’d never want to cover up this striking table with a tablecloth. A simple table runner in a solid pattern, or maybe even a sparking metallic, would accent the table without overpowering it. For unadorned elegance, leave the table bare so the focus is on the dessert stands and sweets. Other table choices include a door or board on two wine barrels, a dessert cart with a vintage feel, a vintage dresser painted in a bright pastel color or white, or even just wooden crated stacked to have room for a few different desserts.

Rustic-Chic Dessert Table on Wine Barrels-

{Photo Credit: Ashleigh Jayne}

Shabby-Chic Stacked Cupcake Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

{Photo Credit: Katie Jackson Photography}

Vintage Rustic-Chic Dessert Cart- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

{Photo Credit: Khristian Snyder}

Rustic-Chic Dresser Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

{Photo Credit: Eden Day Photography}

Stacked Wooden Crate Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

If you want to stick to a traditional table, probably a classic fold up table, cover it with a light colored table cloth and accent it with a few rustic features like ribbon or burlap. However, be careful here because burlap has become almost cliche. Challenge yourself to find some kind of out-of-the-box burlap decoration for a simple tablecloth.

The Stands

Even though most store bought dessert stands would work on a rustic chic table, some brides want to mix in a little more creativity. Whether you buy a handmade stand from somewhere like Etsy, make a stand yourself, or just use an imaginative prop (like tree stumps) to set your desserts on, using a mixture of any or all styles can make a big statement.

Vintage-Chic Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on{Photo Credit: Heather Lynn Photographie}

How gorgeous! This table features cake plates and dessert stands on top of wooden crates and vintage luggage. Dessert table by Jenny Cookies.

Vintage-Chic Themed Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

Vintage-Chic Themed Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

{Photo Credit: Eyelet Images}

This Little Women inspired wedding shoot features a dessert table worth swooning over. Between the store bought cake stand, vintage books, blue jewelery box, and antiqued silver dishes and trays, the stands on this dessert bar complement each other perfectly and incorporate little touches of the theme. See the full shoot on Wedding Chicks here.

Rustic Dessert Stand- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

A small log drilled with small holes makes the perfect stand for cakepops or these chocolate and graham cracker crumb dipped marshmallows. It’s like making s’mores at a campout without the work and gives your table a rustic outdoors-y feel.

The Props

Sometimes your dessert table needs some extra decoration besides stands and sweets. With all the possibilities for backdrops, banners, and other accessories, your table will undoubtedly be unique and memorable.

Chic Dessert Table with Lanterns- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

This stunning table features flower adorned lanterns on the table as well as lanterns hanging from the tree above. This draws the eye up so that instead of just an appealing table sitting on the grass, the entire area is transformed and has a sweet and romantic feel. Just imagine cutting the cake with your sweetheart at sunset with candles lighting up the table…pure perfection.

Vintage Chic Themed Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

{Photo Credit: Jessica Charles Photography}

A vintage table decorated with flowers, fronds, and moss- maybe a little much for a real wedding, but perfect to give you some inspiration! The silver and owl details on this dessert table tie into other elements of this shoot like the lounge tent (yes, lounge tent) and reception table.  The stylists for this shoot brought in a mossy background for added color and to unite the wedding in a rustic woodland theme. See more of this beautiful fall shoot on Green Wedding Shoes here.

Flowers on a Rustic Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Dessert Tables on

{Photo Credit: Tonya Joy Photography}

If you haven’t noticed already, almost every table included here features some sort of flower accent. Whether fresh, silk, or paper, flowers bring a fresh pop of color and class up any table.  Don’t be afraid to use flowers to your heart’s content. Though flowers and sweets don’t sound like they go together, a strong accent on flowers can make your dessert table look polished and professionally designed.

The Desserts

Though you might think it’s the easiest part of dessert table, picking out your sweets can be a tough decision. There’s so many possibilities to choose from! If you want to match your desserts with your table, a rustic chic table can feature naked cakes, pie pops, and fairly frosted cupcakes, and mini fruit tarts (with seasonal berries of course)!

Naked Cake on a Rustic Dessert Bar-

{Photo Credit: Redmoose Photography}

Naked cakes are all everyone’s talking about in wedding cake trends. Their simplicity makes them a must-have on a rustic chic dessert table and their design brings in other desserts that may not necessarily fit a rustic theme. Top naked cakes with fresh flowers or seasonal berries to match the filling of the cake.

Stacked Bundt Cake Dessert Table- Rustic Chic Wedding Dessert Table on

Stacked bundt cakes give a similar feel to a naked cake, but look more romantic and dainty with its ridges and softer curves. I’ve featured this table before on my post 7 Tips for Your Vintage Wedding, but it’s worth sharing again!

Rustic Pie Dessert Bar-

{Photo Credit: Angie Wilson Photography}

If you’re not a cake fan, consider having pie instead! A variety of pies will please every one of your guests and remind them of Grandma’s home cooking.

Apple Pie Pops for a Rustic-Chic Dessert Bar-

 You could even take it a step further with the trend of making mini desserts with pie pops. Fill them with your favorite pie flavor and your guests will love your ingenuity.

Chic Cupcakes and Macaroon Dessert Table-

Cupcakes and macaroons don’t necessarily have to go together, but they sure are cute! Whether you present one or the other, display them creatively on plates or stands and add a glass dome for fun. If you use both macaroons and cupcakes, make them in coordinating colors.

Rustic chic dessert tables can look daunting to create, but the end result can be amazing. Start designing your own Pinterest worthy creation and post your ideas for a dessert table in the comments below.

Happy designing!


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