In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots

If the typical engagement photo says a thousand words, how many more can you say with photos that express your love and personality?

When you incorporate something you love into your engagement photos, whether it be a sport, a talent, a favorite food, a spot you frequent as a couple, or a job you love, your photos will show your personality. Nothing will feel better than when your friends and family receive your engagement photos and can’t stop saying “They’re so you!”

Don’t be afraid to be unique! Think about what makes the two of you happiest (other than each other) and theme your engagement shoot off of that. Here’s a few examples of couples embracing and sharing their hobbies.

What happens when a die-hard motocross rider falls in love? An epic engagement picture like this one!

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Motocross Engagement on

Crossfitters and gym rats will love this engagement photo. Show off your form and your love!

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Crossfit Engagement on{Photo Credit: Ron Soliman Photojournalism}

Or for movie buffs, maybe a save the date photo of coming attractions.

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Theater Lovers Engagement on

For the dancers among us, check out the book “Dancers Among Us” by Jordan Matter to be inspired for your engagement shoot. Here’s a downtown Soho shoot from Sandra Marusic Photography on Bridal Musings.

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Dancer Engagement on

And let’s not forget the geeks! Take your fandom to another level by incorporating elements of your favorite TV show, movie, or comic book into your pictures. What do you do if you’re in two completely different fandoms? Combine them like this Harry Potter v. Star Wars engagement photo for maximum geek power!

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Geek Engagement on

{Photo Credit: Lin and Jirsa}

If you met your love in a bookstore or library or just have a general love for literature, consider having your shoot book themed! This one took place at the Capitol Hill Book Store in Eastern Market district of Washington, DC.

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Bibliophile Engagement on

{Photo Credit: Nessak Photography}

For the man or woman who spends many an afternoon on the green, an engagement shoot on a golf course is a must-have. Make sure something golf related is in the focus or it may look like just another shoot with a grassy background.

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Golf Engagement on

{Photo Credit: Ben Chrisman Photography}

Or share your musicality with your soulmate by playing your favorite instrument for your photo shoot. If music is part of your life, it’s undoubtedly a big part of your relationship too. Break out that guitar and do what feels natural; it’ll make some great shots and really show the connection between the two of you.

In a Thousand Words: 8 Epic Engagement Shots- Musician Engagement on

{Photo Credit: Josh Martin}

Step out of the conventional engagement photo box and express your personality with your favorite person to get some epic photographs and have a shoot all your friends will be buzzing about!

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