Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married

Planning your wedding menu is one of the most important parts of planning your big day. The choices you make for food and drink at your reception can distinguish your wedding from just one of those days that two people got married, or make it memorable as a celebration that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Though your food menu may be the center of your focus, don’t forget the drinks! Whether you’re catering to the crowd that favors alcoholic drinks or the completely sober crew, drinks can help set the tone for the rest of the reception. Make the most of this opportunity to wow your guests by creating signature drinks that reflect you as individuals and as a couple.

Bartender- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on
{Photo Credit: Abby Jiu}

First of all, think about how many signature drinks you want to offer your guests. This will come down to how many different ingredients you want to buy, whether alcoholic or not, and how you’ll serve your drinks for the night. Most weddings with signature drinks offer two or three options: one for the bride, one for the groom (or groomsmen), and/or one just wedding themed. Offer your select drink along side beer and wine to satisfy the whole drinking crowd. Find this signature drink menu on Etsy here.

Signature Drinks Bar Sign- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

Another option is the liquor version of ‘old, new, borrowed, and blue’. If you’re hiring a bartender, ask which drinks they recommend and how they can personalize it just for you. Find this signature cocktail drink menu on Etsy and customize it with your choice of drinks to fit your version of old, new, borrowed, and blue.

Cocktail Bar Menu- Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

If you don’t want to offer so many choices for your guests, consider simply creating a cocktail that represents you two as a couple. Don’t be boring! Get creative with naming your custom drink, whether it’s a mash-up of the two of your names, or a meaningful phrase, or something wedding related (Hot Romance, Mint-to-be Mojito, Lucky in Love, etc.).

Mint To Be Mint Julep Bar Sign- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

{Photo Credit: Cambria Grace Photography}

If you’re not hiring a bartender or having a friend man the alcohol table, homemade cocktails and premade drinks make an easy, serve-yourself option for signature drinks. These also function as favors for your guests. Find a recipe you two love and start mixing!

Pineapple Peach Vodka as a Premade Cocktail- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

Also, think about your location and season when crafting your signature cocktails. If your reception is in a barn in the fall, perhaps you’ll want your drinks to reflect that with the tastes of apple and vanilla. A reception on or by the beach could feature a Seaside Sunrise signature drink with pineapple, passion fruit, and mango.

Inspired Signature Cocktails- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

{Photo Credit: Miles Witt Boyer}

Or let your wedding colors help you decide which cocktail to serve. A wedding featuring turquoise colors could benefit with a turquoise cocktail like the Caribbean Mist pictured below. Pick a drink with a color very similar to the hues you’ll have at your reception or cocktail hour, but don’t go overboard! If you’re featuring multiple signature drinks at the bar, choose just one to have a pop of color. Keep the rest in muted tones, such as the Frenchie (recipe below).

Caribbean Mist, a color themed cocktail- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

{Caribbean Mist}

Need some more ideas for signature cocktails at your wedding? Try a few of these and pick your favorites to feature for your big day.

Frenchie Cocktail- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

{Frenchie Cocktail}

Don’t let your non-alcoholic crowd put a damper on your signature drink dreams. That’s what mocktails are for! The drinks below have not a drop of alcohol so it’s perfectly safe to serve to all your guests, children, moms-to-be, and and designated drivers included.

Non-Alcoholic Cranberry Cutie Cocktail- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

{Cranberry Cutie Mocktail}

Get your cocktail (or mocktail) on and claim it for your signature drink. Your guests will be buzzing (in a good way) about your creativity and great taste!

Get Your Cocktails On Bar Sign- Eat, {Drink}, and Be Married on

{Photo Credit: Laura Murray Photography}

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