9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding

Bridesmaid dresses. You’ve heard it all, right? A quick perusing on Pinterest leaves even the most balanced bride’s head spinning with ideas. From long to short, conservative to revealing, and every little detail in between, no wonder modern brides opt to have their bridesmaids pick their own or have a substantial hand in choosing the perfect dresses!

Mismatched Dresses

27-Dresses - 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

Have you seen the movie 27 Dresses? Hopefully you’ll be kinder to your bridesmaids than Jane’s friends were! Though you might not take out your revenge on your bridesmaids by making them wear the ugly dresses they had you wear, mismatching your bridesmaids’ dresses is a leading trend for wedding fashion.

Here’s an example of perfectly mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses- Ashley Tisdale’s wedding! Ashley posted this fabulous photo on her own Instagram.

Ashley Tisdale's mismatched bridesmaid dresses- 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

How can you pull off this adorable trend? There are a few widely accepted rules to making this trend look flawless:

1) Choose one color scheme. Just like you have a color scheme for your wedding, choose one major color to base your bridesmaids’ dress colors off of. This is what Ashley did in the photo above. However, before you buy the dresses, make sure the colors actually go with each other- some shades of reds or blacks just shouldn’t mix.

2) Pick a universal length.  Stick to all floor length, all tea length, or all short dresses to coordinate all your bridesmaids in a harmonious look.

3) Pick fabrics that look good next to each other. No matter what the style of dress (as long as they’re the same length and in coordination colors), lace looks good with lace, chiffon with chiffon, and jersey with jersey. These lovely black lace dresses below look congruous because they all feature the same elements, but with just enough difference to be modern.

4) Let your bridesmaids pick their own dresses. Once you give them a color, length, and fabric, let them pick a style that works best for their body. That way, you’ll never have to hear one of your girls complain about that ugly dress that she hates, but will wear it only cause she loves you! With dresses picked out by each of your bridesmaids, its a win-win for you and each of your girls. Plus, she’ll be able to wear the dress again!

Black Lace Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses - 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

{Photo Credit: Stone Crandall Photography}


For everyday wear, rompers had their comeback in spring 2006 and haven’t slowed down since. The draw to rompers as a casual outfit is that it is just that- casual. From solids to prints, rompers make an unexpected statement, especially at a wedding.

There are two ways to use rompers for your bridesmaids: while you’re all getting ready for the ceremony or as your wedding fashion.

Getting ready in matching floral print rompers- 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

{Photo Credit: Eden Day Photography}

At this Vintage DIY Wedding, the female side of the bridal party got ready for the big day in these charming rompers. The bride wore a frilly white romper and her girls wore matching floral print rompers. Could these bridesmaids be any cuter? Plus, they make a great bridesmaid gift that each of your girls will actually use long after the wedding’s over.

White bride/bridesmaid romper on the runway- 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

{Photo Credit: Alan iFoto Photography}

If you’re not afraid to have your bridesmaids share your color for the day, an ensemble of white rompers look stunning together. Here’s model Storm Wold walking the runway at Premier Bridal Shows in a white romper that brides and bridesmaids alike could get ready in or walk down the aisle in at a less formal wedding.

Long coral rompers for bridesmaids- 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

{Photo Credit: Kelsey Combe Photography}

What a statement these coral full length rompers make! Show off your uber-modern bride style with an unexpected twist on the bridesmaid dress- even the traditional romper- by decking your girls out in pants. The bright colors and matching bouquets make these an unforgettable element of any wedding. See the rest of this romantic lakeside wedding here. Rompers from ASOS.

Sequins and Glitter

Those are a girl’s two favorite words, right? Don’t be afraid to bedazzle your bridesmaids, but tastefully of course!

   Drop dead gorgeous gold sparkly bridesmaid dresses- 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

{Photo Credit: Archetype Studio Inc.}

I’m not a fan of the color gold, but this wedding may just change my feelings about it! Every little detail makes me feel like this is the ultimate wedding, from a wedding designer’s point of view as well as the little girl dreaming of a fairytale wedding day. This much gold in a dress may seem too much, especially when there’s 6 of them right next to each other, but juxtaposed against a dreamy forest backdrop, it works perfectly. See the rest of this east Texas wedding on Archetype Studio’s blog here (I highly recommend it!). Bridesmaid dresses from Badgley Mischka.

Mismatched and sparkly bridesmaids dresses for a formal wedding - 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

{Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist}

Are you ready for this? Try not one, but two of this year’s bridesmaid dress trends like this bride did at her Formal Glam in Seattle as featured on The Knot. Not only do the bridesmaids have mismatched dresses, they’re all decked out in gold sparkles! This makes a glamorous look formal but not stuffy. Let your bridesmaids (and their individual personalities) shine! Dresses from Nordstrom.

Gold sparkly flower girl dress - 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

Don’t forget to give your flower girls some sparkle too! Find this dress in silver on Etsy.


The high-low trend has been around in casual wear and prom dresses for a few years now. It’s only recently made the switch to bridal wear, but it’s a welcome change. Stores like Charlotte Russe and Windsor carry these in their inventory and often have them on sale. This is great news for the bride interested in this trend- you’ll be able to find quality high-low dresses in most mall stores for much cheaper than a traditional bridesmaid dresses bought at a bridal store.

Cobalt blue high-low bridesmaid dresses - 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

High-low dresses look great in any color, as evidenced by these stunning cobalt blue dress donning bridesmaids. The dresses make the tropical background for this wedding look even more exotic.Don’t be afraid to be bold with this style of dress!

Soft baby blue high-low dresses 9 Bridesmaid Trends for Your 2015 Wedding on earlyivy.com

But high-low dresses don’t always have to be dramatic. Check out these beautiful bridesmaid dresses in a soft baby blue. If your wedding style is more light and ethereal, high-low dresses for your bridesmaids in pastel colors are the perfect fashion option for you. Pair these dresses with a flower crown and your bridesmaids might be mistaken for angels. See this intimate Laguna Beach wedding on Ruffled.

No matter if your wedding style is formal or informal, with bright or muted colors, or have one bridesmaid or twenty, the new trends for this year have you covered. Tell me your favorite bridesmaid looks, whether its new and trendy or an all-time classic, in the comment section below!


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