Popping the Question for Christmas

Attention all male readers! Are you planning to propose for Christmas? No pressure, but you’ve only got 49 days to plan out her dream proposal! Here’s one perfect way to sweep her off her feet!

A Christmas proposal while decorating the tree. i love christmas so this is cute

This ornament is a great way to hide her ring without her suspecting a thing. While you two are decorating the tree, bring this lovely little item out of the box, or while you’re opening presents, take it out of the tree, get down on one knee, and voilà! Every girl’s Christmas dream proposal.

To be as sneaky as possible, this ring box looks like a typical Christmas ornament, but conceals a fantastic surprise.

For a ring box that looks like the traditional ornament, like ones you’ve had in your family for generations, check out this gold laser cut ornament box on Etsy (above).

If you’d like to glam up the proposal even more, try this silver plated Kate Spade New York Grace Avenue Surprise Ball that features a pink, green, or red ribbon.

Start your Christmas shopping early and your proposal inspiration even earlier. Here’s to your best Christmas ever!


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