You’re NOT Invited to Our Wedding!

Imagine sending invitations to your guests that read ‘You’re NOT invited to our wedding!’ Crazy, right? Well maybe not if you’re eloping! Though your friends and family might think you both are crazy, invite them to a post-elopement celebration with an invitation like this.

You're NOT Invited to Our Wedding - Elopement Announcement and Invitation on

If you’re having a reception back home after your elopement, or even after a destination wedding, an announcement that also serves as an invitation, like this one, brings good feelings even before the party begins. Though this particular invitation isn’t available for purchase on Etsy anymore, you can use this one as a template to create your own custom invitations perfect for your own party. So whether you ran off to Vegas, had a far away wedding somewhere exotic, or had a private wedding, tell them all that you two got hitched and are in the mood to celebrate with a quick, easy, and humorous invitation!


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