Let Them Eat (Non-Traditional) Cake!

What’s the sweetest part of a wedding? The cake of course! There are so many ways to personalize your wedding, and a unique cake showcasing your personal style is one of the best details. Some may think an inexpensive cake means little more than a sheet cake, but with some creativity and ingenuity, your wedding cake can be memorable without breaking the bank.

Here’s a few of my favorite unique twists on the traditional wedding cake:

Non-traditional Cake on earlyivy.wordpress.com

How about a huge cake shaped like a heart instead of a tiered cake? Not only does it make for great pictures, I bet their guests loved all those strawberries on top!

Non-traditional Cake on earlyivy.wordpress.com

I don’t know many wedding guests that wouldn’t love this cake! The top is a regular cake so the bride and groom can cut their cake, but the rest is made of doughnuts in the wedding colors. Nothing’s easier and more fun than self serve doughnuts! Photo Credit: Ashlyn Dawson Photography

Non-traditional Cake on earlyivy.wordpress.com

While we’re on the subject of breakfast foods as delicious deserts, here’s a cake made entirely of Rice Crispie treats! Its a little homage to the kid in all of us. And inexpensive too!

Non-traditional Cake on earlyivy.wordpress.com

Cake pops are super popular right now! You can find them everywhere from a gourmet cupcake shop to your local Starbucks. But there’s something special about wedding cake pops- they look really pretty grouped together (the more, the better!) and they’re self serve. So easy! Photo Credit: Ashleigh Jayne

What’s your favorite non-traditional cake ideas? Have you been to a wedding with a unique cake? Tell me about it in the comments!


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