Bridesmaids Dresses

What’s a wedding without fashion? A fashion show at a bridal convention is one of the best ways to see new and trending styles for your bridal party. Bridal shows happen in many cities every weekend and provide great connections with almost every vendor you could imagine for your wedding.

Bridal Show at the Raddison Newport Beach on

Does she look familiar? Yeah, that’s me! (Did I mention I also model wedding dresses at bridal conventions??) Here’s me in a purple and silver bridesmaid dress from Mary Me Bridal and Edward looking handsome in a suit from Friar Tux Shop.

Bridal show at the Radisson Newport Beach on

These colors would look perfect at a spring wedding! Have you noticed how popular floral crowns have become lately? It’s a return to natural, simple, and retro designs in the ceremony and reception, and mirrored in the bridal party’s fashion. Photo credit: Linda Nguyen Solano 888 Productions


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